Monday, December 2, 2013


We had so much fun last week. I was able to see my whole family, thanks to a surprise visit from my parents. The night before we left I started feeling a little sick. That morning I was so sick. I ached and could barely talk because my throat hurt so bad. I laid in the back with Elinor on the drive home. It would have been nice but she yelled "mama! get up! wake up, mama!" the whole time.
Dave had things to do yesterday so he took Elinor with him and to visit Mum. They also went to a show and to the grocery store for sick supplies for me. I slept until 2! 2pm! I can not remember the last time I got to sleep in that long. I am still exhausted but feeling a lot better. 
at a rest stop on our way home

I hope I feel 100% this week so we can start decorating our house. I just have to figure out the right spot for everything. We may have to move some records around to fit a tree in our living room. We had so much room in the loft last year. I'm glad we took advantage of all the room and got a huge tree. We may have to settle for a table top tree this year like we had in Salem.

I have so many pictures to go through from our trip. Expect a ton from our night at Great Wolf Lodge and Thanksgiving. And you guys, Elinor is going to be 2 in a week and I still haven't planned a party. Poor baby with a birthday between holidays.

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