Monday, August 11, 2014

2 beach trips and a show

Rest stop break
A few weeks ago we took a trip to Boston. Well, not Boston but it's so much easier to say than listing the towns we went to in MA. Dave was playing a show and had to do some work. Elinor and I tagged along to meet up with some friends and go to the beach. I miss the beach a lot. I'm really a stay at the beach all day type of person. I think that's why I miss being so close. We would go to the beach sometimes for only a hour or 2 and it was so much fun and didn't take hours to get there.
We ended up making to the beach 2 days for a few hours each. It was so nice. Elinor made friends the first day. I didn't bring any toys so when we set our blanket next to a group of moms and their kids (and toys), I sent Elinor over to ask if she can play too. I know, I'm the worst but the kids ending up being so sweet. They all worked on digging a hole for 2 hours. I somehow forgot how rocky some northshore beaches are and I didn't pack her water shoes. I felt so bad. I had to carry her over the rocks to put her in the water.

We got to eat a ton of good food that you can reread over here and we also went to Dave's show. Since the venue was in the same town that Dorie and Henri live in, I was able to miss out on the beginning of the show to hang out with them and some other friends. I miss that area. Everything is so close and there are awesome playgrounds everywhere! Elinor and I made it back to the venue in time to see Daddy play. She was not into it this time. We were stuck on the stage as I held her from running away. We were both sweaty messes. After they played, we got ice cream and all was good. She was a maniac jumping on the couch behind the merch. I can't imagine what she thinks about the things she gets to do.

Hanging out with friends. Thanks Nancy and Stacy for coming to play too!
I always wonder if she will think that our music is so lame when she gets older or if she will think it's cool she got to travel so much. 
sleeping with one of her favorite puppy friends

bonus vine videos from the show 


  1. Whenever I have ice cream everything is all better too. Elinor knows what works! =) Sounds like an exhausting, but fun trip!

  2. Are you kidding me with Elinor and her cuteness!! I love her little vine videos!

  3. looks like a fun trip, and so great to grow up with so many adventures! Elinor is just adorable!