Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunbaby Diapers

We have been talking about and researching cloth diapers for awhile now. It gets so confusing! Lucky I have some friends that have/do cloth diaper. Here is a site my friend sent me that explains all the differences and one about what detergent to use. Plus there are some good message boards and youtube videos of how to's that make it less intimidating.
I found out about Sunbaby Cloth Diapers through a message board. All of the reviews I've read sound pretty good. Of course I won't know until she is here but since they are so affordable and one size we thought we would try them out. Oh and they have really cute patterns to choose from. Friday our first package of Sunbaby Diapers showed up!
 Dave grabbed one and went to her room to try them out on the bear. Besides almost putting it on backwards he did great! I don't think he has ever even diapered a baby with disposables before.
good work daddy!


  1. Oh those are cute. I've never tried that brand, curious to see how you like them. We love cloth diapering around here and I'm sure you will too. Tell Dave not to feel bad, my first diaper change ever was like a week after Olive was born, I was terrified. ha. Oh I mentioned you over at my blog so take a look.

  2. hahahah I just laughed at work looking at Dave put a diaper on a bear! I drove by a diaper place near somerville recently, I'll try to find it on google.

  3. @Jennifer Thank you! He said he will get it but he isn't sure about poopy diapers ha

    @Lynn yes diaper lab! I've been meaning to go. They have a trail program you can test out different brands