Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nursery tour

I've been up for way too long already this morning so since I'm up I will finally post the nursery pictures. I could have done better and I will probably retake some after our shower next weekend. Since taking these the glider is now in the livingroom and the changing table is pushed over. The huge shelf in there for now is full of Dave's side business but as soon as baby can move/crawl the rows will slowly be replaced with books and toys. The room is pretty small but perfect for the little one.
 hand me down crib from Dorie, rug from Target and wall decals-Dave's dad and Cindy bought us from Etsy(I tried finding the link to the one we bought but after a couple pages I gave up! If Dave has the link I will update late)
 shelf from Ikea with baskets from Target, lamp from our room, bunny with a recording for her heartbeat and a book, changing table gift from Dave's dad and Cindy
 glider-mother's day gift from my parents, owl blanket-gift from Ashleigh
Various toys/dolls from friends, Ikea shelf from craigslist with curtain and rod from Target
 closer view of the decals

Her closet is fully stocked with amazing gifts and hand me downs from awesome friends and family. I even have had her bassinet set up next to our bed that Dave's mom bought us for months. You never know, she might come early! But most likely not.


  1. it's perfect! so glad my gift got to be part of baby girl's beautiful nursery

  2. This is TOO CUTE! I love the trees and owls - she'll be sleeping under the trees every night.