Wednesday, April 18, 2012

weekend in Philly

We had left Thursday after Elinor's Dr appointment. Since her first set of shots she had just slept more I thought we would be good driving right after. Well this time she just wanted to cry and eat. It made for an interesting ride (me leaning over the carseat to feed her). Friday morning she was a little better and we headed to the city for the day for some shopping and lots of eating. 

As we were leaving we realized we lost Sophie. So we had to make a trip to Babies R us. I also picked up some teething tablets which kind of seem to work. Between the shots and teething she had a couple of melt downs.

Saturday, while Dave was at practice, we went with Dave's mom to see cousin Joey's baseball game. She watched a lot of it just sitting in in our laps. 

Good game Joey!
Meeting Comet for the first time

By Sunday she was completely back to herself. We spent some time with Grandma then ran some errands before going to Grandpas. 
Ellie with Grandpa
Playing with Uncle Joe
 This was her spot most of the day with Uncle Michael
 Cousins! Missing Lauren though
 The boys and their kids

I'm glad we can make trips to visit pretty often. I'm so sad we can't visit my family as much. I realized during this trip that Elinor hasn't met any of her McCormick cousins. I hope to make a trip to Ohio as soon as we can to visit. It's so hard finding time that works for everyone. Someday we will!


  1. she is such a stylish little babe.
    also, i love dave's boots!

    1. thank you! He will be happy you said that. He has an insane collection of boots