Monday, September 10, 2012

9 months

 I know I say it every time but where did my baby go?? She is so funny and has such a huge personality. She is pointing at everything and wanting to walk so bad. She has been pushing around anything she can to walk. At a second hand store I finally bought her an actual push toy. When we got home she walked back and forth using it all night! She tries to clap but misses her hands and just hugs herself.
 Elinor is so talkative but a lot of people don't appreciate what she is saying because her voice is so high pitch and loud! She loves to squeal and say buh bye to people. Still no mama. On Saturday she did say maba a couple of times and that was the first ma ever. She seems to try to repeat a lot of things we say though. Saying it in the same inflection.

 We took these pictures before naptime so she was a little crabby. Her favorite thing to do right now is to chew on a book. We gave her a book to get a couple more pictures. When you can get the book out of her mouth she loves loves to read. Mostly touch and feel and lift the flap books.

 Since she was sick two weeks ago her eating solid food has slowed down. Everyday it seems like she eats a little bit more. She still will try everything we offer her but she won't eat too much of it. Now that we are home I hope to start offering more variety in meals and snacks.

 Her top teeth are in now and besides extra drool and a runny nose, there wasn't much fuss. It seems like her other bottom tooth on the side is on its way in. A friend told us about the baltic amber necklace and after having it for a few months, I love it.

Oh and she never sits still!

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  1. I can't believe she is almost walking already! Once our girls learned to use a push toy, it wasn't long before they were taking off on their own.

  2. 9 months is so much fun! She'll say mama soon!!