Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm so unmotivated lately! I have pictures I need to post but I can't make myself go through them. I'm even slacking over at pint size style.

Maybe a little of it is because Dave leaves for tour on Sunday. We are trying to spend as much family time together before he goes. We were also trying to get Elinor on a good night time/bed time schedule so I wouldn't have too hard of a time while he is gone.
Within 2 days we had her going down perfect. Since she had started crawling and being on the move it has been hard getting her to settle down. As soon as you laid her down she was giggling standing up and grabbing for anything she could. Our routine now is get home, one of us cooks while the other plays with her, eat dinner, one of us bathes her while the other one cleans, read some books, nurse her and then she passes out. She also has slept through the night everynight! Finally!
I hope she sticks to this while he is gone. I hope that I can stick to this while he is gone!


  1. Hi Caitlin, it's Joe. I wondered in the computer room and saw your blog up. I researched some top level parenting techniques to help you. Check this one out.

    Hope this helps :) Tell your daughter Uncle Joe says Hi!

  2. This is Jess, OMG ^ ! I will make sure to log off next time! LOL :)

  3. The baby is so cute. I wish i could go back to those days. No problems and no responsibilities.
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