Saturday, November 10, 2012

my mom made it!

My mom was supposed to come Thursday but with the bad weather her flight was cancelled. She was able to get rescheduled to Friday afternoon. It worked out because Elinor and I were sick and my mom wasn't feeling well Thursday morning. By yesterday afternoon I was feeling better but poor Ellie still wasn't 100%. We headed out to the airport. When we got inside Elinor was excited to walk around the airport (she's a full on walker now! more on that later) and explore. Then Muck (my mom) came out! I had planned on Elinor walking to her so my mom could see her do it. Instead my mom came out a different door then we were waiting at and Elinor refused to show off her walking. Oh and I didn't take any pictures. It was still so exciting to see my mom since we haven't seen her since July!

We came home and made dinner. Elinor warmed up quickly to my mom showing off her walking, dancing and yelling. Can't wait for our long weekend together!

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