Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Is Hardcore '13

Elinor has been to fests before but not since she started walking. I was worried about this one and figured we wouldn't be able to stay for long periods. I packed multiple bags for her. Her normal diaper bag, a bag of snacks and her backpack full of toys/chalk/crayons/coloring books and more. She did awesome. She is such a people person that she thought everyone was there to see her. 
We have a pretty laid back schedule anyway but for these days bed time, naps, meals and even pacifier times (which is reserved for bed) were out the window. Whatever would make her happy and comfortable. The iPad of course came in handy. I downloaded a few more educational games and her normal Yo Gabba Gabba episodes. The only time she really lost it was after the last band on Sunday. We had to wait for Dave to pack everything up and she was completely over...totally understandable. Oh she also was mad at me when Dave's band was playing. We stood on stage behind his amp. All she wanted to do was run out there with everyone and I wouldn't let her! How mean am i?!

 So many kids were there. Her BFF Travis came on Saturday and they had so much fun together.
 We took a few breaks each day to go on an Elinor adventure. 

Dave and I exchanged numbers at This Is Hardcore '07. We always have to find our friend that introduced us and thank him. Look how we have changed over the years...

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  1. That girl was so little last year! What happened?!!!

  2. so many good pictures! im so glad that elinor had fun with all of us

  3. Too adorable those babies at the fest wearing their headphones

  4. So fun looking back at these pictures. Ellie and her friends have grown so much. Love the family photos of you guys